Home Vineyard Site Planning & Consultation


Site Planning

There are many decisions to make when creating a home vineyard. At Waystone, we want to assist you in making the decisions that will lead to the most appealing and productive vineyard possible. We will create a completely customized Site Plan based on your location.

A Site Plan includes the following:

  • Cultivar and rootstock recommendations. Choosing the right combination is the key to successful grape growing, and will make or break your vineyard.
  • Trellis design. Trellis style is site-specific and will maximize the potential of your new vines.
  • Vineyard map. Row orientation and spacing greatly affect the productivity and overall health of the vineyard.

We can also have a soil analysis performed to determine the type and quality of your location's soil upon request. From this, it can be determined if any adjustments to the soil are necessary prior to installation and planting.